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It's been a year...let's blog!

The first year of Benefit Domain's existence has come and gone and there is a lot to talk about. Creating this blog was on the short-list of to-dos back at the beginning of 2015, but with the constant flow of new business, we never got around to crossing it off the list. Now, however, with just about 14 months of existence in the books, business is good, creative juices are flowing and we are ready to start a conversation about where this is all headed. 

This year, we hope, will mark the start of an open collaboration between us and you, our customers. By the end of March we will have rolled out our first major update to the Benefit Domain website, adding some major new features that you have all been asking for. While we aren't ready to talk details just yet, we know these features will be a welcome addition to an already solid feature set. 

Stay tuned for some exciting new updates!

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